2017 marks the 20th year of existence for the Suicidal Tendencies Motorcycle Club, and to celebrate this incredible milestone, the MCC has decided to shake things up like only the Suicidals can.

With events increasing in popularity and frequency, keeping an event fresh and exciting is always a challenge, and we have always prided ourselves on offering experiences unlike any other.

This is why 10 years after closing the doors on the fast paced, adrenaline filled one day rally... FAHRENHEIT is being resurrected and re-branded into a Red Hot! 12 Hour Biking Extravaganza, aimed at not only attracting bikers and adrenalin junkies, but anyone and everyone who loves bikes, regardless of race, sex, age or creed.



The original FAHRENHEIT was an annual event hosted in August every year from 2005 – 2007.

The event, then branded as a “Red Hot! One Day Rally”, enjoyed an average attendance come rain or shine of over 1000 bikers and bike enthusiasts.

The New and Improved FAHRENHEIT aims to:

1. Improve the image of bikers in the Western Cape.

2. Raise awareness of biking.

3. Share the thrill of a biking event without requiring entrants to invest an entire weekend and several thousand kilometres of hard riding.

4. Raise funds for under-funded and/or neglected charities in our local community.




Every year, the club identifies a charity in need of assistance and donates goods and services purchased from the proceeds of the annual fundraiser.

For Fahrenheit, we are accepting public nominations for a charity.

The public is invited to send (1) their nomination, (2) a short motivation, and (3) their contact details to info@theheit.co.za.

All VALID nominations will be considered.


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