The club consist of “TWO BODIES” namely an Executive Council and a Managing Council.


1.1    The Executive Council:

·         is responsible for all major decisions made.

·         will assist the Managing Council when requested

·         can overrule any decision made by the Managing Council, a vote of no confidence can be called.

·         Members of the Executive Council:

o   Anslin Petersen

o   Giovanni de Wet

o   Neil Lally

o   Juan Boyes

o   Warren Meyer

o   Angelique de Wet

o   Donell Boyes

o   Natasha Petersen

o   Tania Lally


1.2    The Managing Council:

·         is responsible for the day to day running of the club

·         along with the Executive Council are responsible for all minor decisions made

·         2015 Managing Council

President                                 -           Juan Boyes

Master of Arms                       -           Giovanni de Wet

PR & Operations Manager      -           Donell Boyes

Vice President / Webmaster    -           Warren Meyer

Road Captain                          -           Neil Lally

Road Captain                          -           Anslin Petersen

Treasurer                                 -           Angelique de Wet

Secretary                                 -           Tania Lally

Secretary                                 -           Natasha Petersen






·         Respect all fellow members of the club

·         Respect all fellow bikers

·         Unruly and destructive behaviour, which reflects poorly on the club, will be dealt with accordingly.

·         Personal issues to remain separate from Club issues at all times



·         Boys meetings are held the last Saturday or Thursday of every month depending on biking related events

·         Club meetings are held on the second last Saturday of every 3rd month

·         Unruly and disruptive behaviour will not be allowed

·         Unable to attend meeting – notification must be given to any Managing Council Member

·         Punctuality is paramount



·         Full colours to be worn

·         All club members to camp together


2.3    AGM

·         The AGM will be Chaired by the Executive Council

·         The AGM will be the first club meeting for the year

·         A re-election of the Managing Council  will be held

·         All voting is reserved for Full Colour Members only

·         A vote of No Confidence can be called by the Executive Council

·         An annual plan to be developed, i.e Rallies and functions to be attended as a club


2.4    FINANCE         

·         All joining fees and monthly subscription will be determined at AGM

·         All joining fees and monthly subscription fees will increase by 10% annually

·         Monthly subscription fee of R110 must be paid

·         Full financial statements will be given at AGM

·         Managing Council will deal with all arrears

·         No member should be more than 3 month in arrears or face potential suspension and/or termination.

·         Joining Fees can be paid in cash or via EFT to the Club’s Bank account.

·         Monthly Subscription Fees must be paid via Debit Order or EFT into the Club’s Bank Account.



·         All New Hangarounds and/or Prospect Members must be 18 Years and older

·         All new Hangarounds and/or Prospect Members must be keen motorcycle enthusiasts

·         Hangaround status must be approved by the Executive Council and Managing Council.

·         Minimum Hangaround stipulated period is 12 months

o   Hangarounds are considered representatives of the Club, and all actions and behaviour therefore must be aligned with that of the Club’s at all times.

·         At the end of the Hangaround period, Hangaround will be considered for application to become a Prospect Member upon approval of the Executive Council and Managing Council.

·         Prospect Member will have to complete an application form and will be interviewed by the Executive Council and Managing Council.

·         Upon approval of the application, the Prospect Member is required to pay a once off non-refundable joining fee of R1,500.00 (One Thousand Five Hundred Rand).

·         The joining fee is payable in full upon handing in of application..

·         The joining fee includes Club off-cut which remains club property upon leaving the club.

·         Partners of Club Members can become either patch-wearing members or full colour Members at the discretion of the Executive Council and Managing Council

o   Purchase of the Club off-cut for Patch Wearing Members and all associated costs is the responsibility of the Club Member / Partner / Spouse.Patch Wearing Members’ actions and behaviour while representing the interests of the club, is the full responsibility of the Club Member / Partner / Spouse.

o   Patch Wearing Members have no voting rights and are NOT considered members of the club, and therefore pay no joining or subscription fees.

o   Patch Wearing Members are required to return the Club off-cut should they decide to no longer be Patch Wearing Members for whatever reason.

o   Patch Wearing Members can become full colour members but full Prospect Member rules apply, and Club off-cut to handed in.

o   Partners who wish to become full colour members, must follow same protocol as New Members.



·         There is no set Probation period, but a minimum probation period of 6 months applies.

·         This period will be determined by prospect member’s behaviour and commitment.

·         Must attend club monthly meetings but will be excused during financial discussions

·         Must attend club runs / outings and socials

·         Must represent at fellow clubs day functions and rallies



·         If Attendance of monthly meeting and club socials is irregular or absent without valid reasons

·         If Prospect Members attitude and behaviour is not aligned with that of the Club’s constitution.

·         Even after all prospect member joining criteria has been met, full membership colours can be withheld at Executive Council’s discretion



·         Only a period of 6 months will be granted, but exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Executive Council or Managing Council.

·         Extensions will be granted with valid reason at the discretion of the Executive Counil or Managing Council.

·         No subscription fees are payable during this period.

·         Even during leave of absence – all duties must still be fulfilled unless otherwise decided by the Executive Council or Managing Council or circumstances does not allow.




·         Is at the discretion of the Executive Council and Managing Council

·         Membership can be suspended if the Leave of Absence period expires and no valid reason is given for an extension

·         Membership can be suspended if Subscription Fees are more than 3 month in arrears.

o   Suspension does not exempt Members from paying subscription fees.

·         Suspended Members do not partake in any club activities.

·         Suspended Members must return Club off-cuts to the Club for the duration of their suspension

o   Club off-cuts will be returned at the end of the suspension.

·         Duration of suspension is at the discretion of the Executive Council and Managing Council

·         Refer to 2.9 for Minor Offences and Major Offences





o   Written notice should be given to the Club including reasons why the member is considering resignation.

o   The Executive council will meet before final resignation is accepted.

o   Keeping of club colours and off-cut at the Executive Council and Managing Council’s discretion



o   At the discretion of the Executive Council and Managing Council





o   First Offence - Verbal warning will be given

o   Second Offence – Written warning

o   Third Offence - At the discretion of the Executive Council and Managing Council



o   Will be dealt with at the discretion of the Executive Council

o   May lead to immediate suspension accompanied by handing in of club off-cut and possibly termination of membership



·         At the discretion of the Executive Council

·         All proceeds to be given as a donation to an organisation chosen by the Executive Council


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