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Cape Times (South Africa)

August 9, 2007

BYLINE: Dave Abrahams

So you've always wondered what goes on at a hardcore bikers' rally - whether all the wild stories you've heard are true - but you're unwilling to invest an entire weekend and several thousand kilometres of hard riding to find out.

Well here's your chance, at the third annual Fahrenheit Red Hot one-day rally, hosted by the Suicidal Tendencies motorcycle club in aid of the Masigcine children's home in Mfuleni. It's about as hardcore as they come - but it all happens this Saturday, August 11, at Killarney racetrack rather than at some remote camping resort.

What can you expect?

Yes, it'll be noisy. There'll be big, heavy motorcycles ridden up and down the site all day, usually at painfully high revs. There'll be drag racing (more high revs), wheelie competitions and burnouts (still higher revs) as riders of 100kW motorcycles lock their front brakes and spin the back wheel until a couple of thousand rands' worth of back tyre goes POP.

There'll be live entertainment - usually solid, old-fashioned rock 'n roll, played at maximum decibels.

Several hundred leather-clad revellers will consume astonishing quantities of beer and boerewors rolls and they'll spend significant amounts of cash money on collectibles and memorabilia ranging from badges emblazoned with pithy sayings such as "I have an attitude and I know how to use it" to exquisitely crafted jewellery and superb leatherwear, most of it proudly South African-made; did I mention that most bikers are fiercely patriotic?

What it won't be is dangerous; crime at rallies is virtually unknown - would you want to mess with these guys?

Nobody will disparage your wheels, no matter how old or how unfashionable they are; pitch up on a motorcycle and you'll be made welcome.

Just look around at the amazingly varied collection of bikes you'll see parked there to understand that there's room for everyone.

The gates will open at 10am on Saturday; kiddies' drags will start at 12.30pm and adult action on the dragstrip at 2pm. There'll be biker games and competitions all afternoon and a lucky draw in the evening for big prizes, with a 100cc quad topping the list.

R50 each will get you in and buy you an enamelled metal badge to remember the rally by and a ticket in the lucky draw. And all the profits will go into an educational fund for the kids at the Masigcine children's home in Mfuleni.

No matter what they ride, motorcyclists share a passion for their machines that reaches across all creeds and social strata; pretension and snobbery are debunked mercilessly but without malice.

And that's what makes rallies special; that's why I'll be there.

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