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The club was officially established & registered in February 1997 by four friends who shared a passion for biking - Andre van de Heuvel, Giovanni de Wet, Neil Lally and Andre Meade.

As they had been riding together for some time already sporting the logo of legendary rock band Suicidal Tendencies, and were already known by that name in the biking community, they decided to retain the name but had the club’s official colours designed to better represent the mindset and image of the members.

The first decade of the club’s existence proved extremely successful as the Suicidals’ reputation and numbers grew. Everyone who was anyone in the biking community knew who the Suicidals were or had heard stories about them. No run or rally was complete without a Suicidal leading a cacophony of cut-outs, or blowing tyre after tyre doing burnouts, or challenging someone on the drag strip, or entertaining onlookers with wheelies.

December 2003 saw the establishment of Urban Legends - a local pub based in the northern suburbs and the Suicidal’s official clubhouse. Regrettably, the building was sold in March 2005 and the pub was forced to be closed by the new owner.

In 2005, the Club set a new standard in biking events, when it hosted its 5 th Annual Fun Day (in aid of the Masigcine Children’s Home), “Fahrenheit”, at Killarney Race Track. Fahrenheit proved to be an unrivalled event, offering more than any other one day event ever had before (or has since) and for 3 years running (2005 - 2007), became an event not to be missed with an average attendance of 1500 bikers each year.

In 2008, with priorities changing in their lives as marriage and kids began taking precedence over club affairs, all club activities were ceased and the Suicidals agreed to an indefinite leave of absence from the club.

But after only 2 and a half years, the roar of the engines, the smell of burning rubber and the call of the biker lifestyle proved to be too compelling for 11 Suicidals, and in August 2010, club activities were reinstated, a new executive council voted in, and the now 13 year old club colours commissioned to be revamped.

In January 2011, the Suicidals hosted their first event since their return. Tin n 10’er afforded them the opportunity to introduce their brand new colours to the world, and collect and donate tin foods (provided in lieu of entry fees) to the Kuils River Old Age Home. Despite their absence from the biking community for 3 years, the small function was a roaring success with over 300 bikers in attendance.

The message was abundantly clear... the Suicidals are back!!!

Suicidal Tendencies Cape Town MCC. It hasn't been done until the Suicidals do it!

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